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Maureen Helm

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I'm still wondering about this project. Is it right, that most work is
from intel? I was hoping, that NXP is continuing it's work on it - or
was it only for the early- support?
Having just spent the last few days with NXP at Open IoT / Embedded Linux
Conference, I can say that they are still active on the project. I will let the
member of NXP on the mailing list share their own thoughts about this.
NXP is a founding member of the Zephyr project, so yes we will definitely continue working on it. We're still in the early stages though and will be ramping up in the coming months.

Otherwise I'd like start to develop a little more for my K64, but
looking at those amount of daily changes, especially at the core api -
is it wiser to wait a few months? I really would like to contribute a
litte bit in my sparse spare time to get this board a little bit more
usable :)
I'd encourage you to submit such patches. The APIs should no longer be
bouncing around. If they are, please call us out on when it is happening.
What APIs are you most interested in using with the K64?

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