Re: [RFC] Device: device_get_binding() returns NULL if device fails initialization

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Daniel and Anas,

and all the existing drivers in one go as well.
I hope we don't consider Kernel device API (init and stuff) as part of
"API 1.0".
The init change will be in another RFC. I am testing locally to see how much
space we can actually save. If it is minimal or non-existent, there is no need
to do that.
Saving even a minimal amount of bytes is good to consider, as long as it
does not reduce
features etc... and that RFC is actually fixing things.

AFAIK, the device init interface is not API from my understanding. Application
should not be using these in their code. They are internal to the kernel and
IMO the driver interface is still considered public APIs.
Someone might be using those to write drivers external to Zephyr, changing the signatures will break such drivers.
How long are we supposed to support this API 1.0? Can't we drop some of
its specifics in, let's say, 1.5?
The more we will have to support all of it, the less we will be able to
proceed on some interesting changes. :(


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