Re: [RFC] Device: device_get_binding() returns NULL if device fails initialization

Boie, Andrew P

I already got feedback from people developing either drivers or sample
application for Rocket, basically playing to role of customers of
Zephyr, and I can already say that, for people used to writing software
against APIs that experience a very minimal amount of changes (i.e.
I'm not advocating anything w.r.t. a policiy for changing APIs right
now, but this is a data point.
I think we shouldn't change our existing APIs at all. They should be treated as a contract. Someone who builds code against 1.0 should be able to do so against later versions until we make a conscious decision otherwise.

I think if we want to change something, we mark the old APIs with __attribute__((deprecated)) so that it's clear that the old API is going away at some point by generating a warning. But they should still be *usable*.

Then, in the fullness of time, remove the APIs that were previously deprecated. Whether that is Zephyr 1.5, 2.0, doesn't matter to me.

VxWorks), they did _not_ like the fact that even a small amount of our
APIs is in flux. It basically causes lost time and frustration.
What specifically changed that caused consternation?


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