API deprecation / GPIO patch

Boie, Andrew P

Hi Tomasz,

This is in reference to https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/#/c/914/

I wanted to discuss on-list some of my concerns, and this really leads into a larger topic on how we should handle changing APIs.

Summary (as I can understand it) what the patch does:
The old way of registering a GPIO callback was through the gpio_set_callback() API. It takes a function pointer of type gpio_callback_t. You can only set one callback handler in the entire driver. This is clearly not ideal.

The new way of registering a GPIO callback is through gpio_register_callback(), which will let you associate a handler function with a specific set of pins. It takes a struct gpio_callback as its argument. You can also un-register callbacks with gpio_unregister_callback(), and there is a helper function gpio_init_callback() for setting up the struct gpio_callback.

The incompatible change is the modification of gpio_set_callback_t in the API struct; it has fundamentally different semantics with the new driver API.

The implementation of gpio_set_callback() has changed. It is now located in a new C file. There is some magic going on: if new-style drivers want to support the old 1.0 API, they turn on CONFIG_GPIO_API_1_0_COMPATIBILITY and then declare GPIO_SETUP_COMPAT_DEV() somewhere in their driver file. This will create some storage space in a special read/write section for the old-style gpio_callback_t and argument.

The net effect of this is as follows:

1. Applications that have not been ported to use the new GPIO API, will still work as CONFIG_GPIO_API_1_0_COMPATIBILITY is turned on by default. It does require that any new GPIO drivers add GPIO_SETUP_COMPAT_DEV().

2. As far as I can tell, old-style GPIO drivers that are not in the Zephyr tree will be broken by this change as gpio_set_callback() will no longer call the relevant function in the API struct, and the definition of gpio_set_callback_t has changed anyway.

Question: are we comfortable with preserving app compatibility, but breaking driver compatibility? I am not so sure about this but would like some feedback from the larger group.

Another question: I had asked you to mark gpio_set_callback() with __attribute__((deprecated)), but you said that broke the build. Can you provide a little more detail here? is it because the sample applications haven't been updated to the new API yet (I saw them later in the patch series). Would it be possible to provide a new patch in the series, after all the sample apps have been updated, to add the __attribute__((deprecated)) tag there?


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