Re: API deprecation / GPIO patch

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for you thorough review, it sums up nicely the patchset.

Question: *_are we comfortable with preserving app compatibility, but
breaking driver compatibility?_* I am not so sure about this but would
like some feedback from the larger group.
This question is really critical.
If we have to support all API layers from 1.0: app, driver's interface,
low level kernel API - device for instance - etc.... things are going to
be much harder when introducing changes.

Another question: I had asked you to mark gpio_set_callback() with
__attribute__((deprecated)), but you said that broke the build. Can
you provide a little more detail here? is it because the sample
applications haven't been updated to the new API yet (I saw them later
in the patch series). Would it be possible to provide a new patch in
the series, after all the sample apps have been updated, to add the
__attribute__((deprecated)) tag there?
As far as I remember (CI does not have the logs, it drops them after
some time), it was failing due to gpio_api_compat.c which was
implementing the deprecated function, using the deprecated gpio_callback_t

That said, I could disable by default such compat layer, and set the
deprecated in a last patch yes. Should fix this issue.


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