Re: API deprecation / GPIO patch

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Andrew,

Another question: I had asked you to mark gpio_set_callback() with
__attribute__((deprecated)), but you said that broke the build. Can
you provide a little more detail here? is it because the sample
applications haven't been updated to the new API yet (I saw them later
in the patch series). Would it be possible to provide a new patch in
the series, after all the sample apps have been updated, to add the
__attribute__((deprecated)) tag there?
Ok I fixed that so the first patch still keeps the old behavior enabled
by default in Kconfig, so CI does not scream.
I did not wanted to merge all the adaptation patches on top with it, to
keep the history clear.

And last patch, as you advised, deprecate the call and disable by
default the old behavior in Kconfib


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