Re: Setting correct ZEPHYR_GCC_VARIANT

Nashif, Anas

On 19/04/2016, 11:46, "Eric Zaluzec" <Eric.Zaluzec(a)> wrote:

I apologize if this forum is the wrong place to post this question, I was not sure where else to post.
I am attempting to build the zephyr nanokernel with the Galileo board. I am following the steps here:

I am preparing the boot device, and under the zephyr/samples/hello_world/nanokernel directory, I am running 'make BOARD=galileo', but I get back an error saying ZEPHYR_GCC_VARIANT is not set. I am looking for any help or sources with documentation, which address how to correctly set up a GCC VARIANT for the zephyr kernel.

I am very familiar and actively use the Yocto project for many different build environments. The Linux Foundation class (LFD405) was excellent. I tried to create a package recipe for Yocto to build, but the grub source files had too many variables set to the build's host machine.

Are there any Yocto builds yet that support building the zephyr kernel?
No, bot sure why you want to use Yocto to build zephyr. What is the use case here?

Any input or good sources to read how to set the correct GCC VARIANT for zephyr would greatly be appreciated. I could not find any useful information on the Galileo Gen1/Gen2 page on the




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