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Boie, Andrew P

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From: Perez-Gonzalez, Inaky
Certainly, ZEPHYR_BASE is tree-specific (so could be the other in certain
cases, but uncommon). I also do set it manually (in fact, as I said
somewhere, I feed it to make's command line)
I feel that is rather cumbersome.
I'm not sure if we can just migrate this to the build system, since the application Makefile has to find the main Zephyr Makefile could be out-of-tree.

Can we fold a 'make sanitycheck'-like solution? After all, if we can
figure out access to the Makefile, we can use it for accessing the scripts
Given the plethora of command line options to sanitycheck, a nontrivial subset of which are used fairly often, I don't see a path to success with this approach.


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