Re: RFC: BSD Socket (like) API

Paul Sokolovsky

On Mon, 27 Mar 2017 13:19:16 +0200
Tomasz Bursztyka <> wrote:


That's the thing: there won't be any other wrappers.
There is Zephyr's net stack with net_context, and there will be BSD
socket layer Paul is working on, and that's it.
Nope, then (later, one sweet (or sour) day) there will be a more
general POSIX layer on top of it (and other APIs, threading,
filsystem, console, etc.), and then there will be LIBC on top of it. I'm
not a stakeholder for adding all those layers, but I know that there
are such (and likely will be more as Zephyr gets more adoption), so we
should plan for that.

I think that's positive after all - we don't need to plan how to get
all-the-POSIX compliant sockets right away, at least for now.
Instead, can plan for how to get the most juicy BSD Sockets features
while adding the least code (aka bloat). Then at later time, other folks
can provide their arguments for getting more POSIX compliance (at the
expense of adding more code of course).

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