Daily Gerrit Digest


NEW within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1765 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Handle incoming connection on signal channel
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1764 : Bluetooth: shell: Add BR/EDR PSM server registration
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1766 : net: buf: Add net_buf_pull_le32() helper API
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1763 : arduino_101: support booting with original bootloader
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1760 : Bluetooth: Add support for using SYS_LOG
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1761 : Revert "samples: philosophers: reduce stack size used"
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1762 : quark_se: remove hardcoded reset vector for ARC
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1757 : arm/nxp_kinetis/k6x: simplify uart init
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1755 : arm/atmel_sam3: always inline clock init function
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1756 : arm/nxp_kinetis/k6x: always inline clock init function
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1752 : arch/arc: add ICCM_BASE_ADDRESS and ICCM_SIZE
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1754 : tests: timestamp_serialize for arc can be no-op
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1745 : led_apa102c: rename local configuration and use printk
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1747 : samples: i2c_lsm9ds0: we are using printk only
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1746 : samples: pwm: rename local configuration and use printk
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1743 : gpio: unify kernel configuration for all architectueres
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1744 : philosophers: no local config changes needed
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1748 : samples: cpp_synchronization: rename local configuration and use one config
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1742 : qemu_x86: Make the FPU available if it's not building for IAMCU
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1741 : quark_x1000: The Quark X1000 does have an FPU
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1740 : build: don't default ARCH to x86

UPDATED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1673 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Move BREDR tx signalling pool definition to l2cap_br.c
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1674 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Move BREDR signalling management to l2cap_br.c
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1713 : Bluetooth: BR/EDR: Reset pairing context when needed
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1711 : sensor: apds9660: remove IP specific GPIO configs
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1516 : x86: make GDT setup optional
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1077 : sanitycheck: allow for more expressive filtering in testcase.ini
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1076 : expr_parser.py: simple expression language
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1078 : test_tickless: improve testcase.ini filter
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1735 : arch/arc/include: start_task_arch.h needed so ARC can build microkernel apps
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1557 : doc: update installation to add PLY library to Python3
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1708 : include/arch/arc: fix memory permissions
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1707 : drivers/interrupt_controller: initialize only NUM_IRQS interrupts
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1699 : arch/arc: __start label incorrectly aliased
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1666 : nios2: basic build, non-functional
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1584 : Added profiler application and scripts

MERGED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1759 : Bluetooth: Fix not being able to set CONF_FILE for init test
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1758 : Bluetooth: Fix using invalid responder address as peripheral
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1444 : Bluetooth: drivers/nble: Fix calling cmd from discov callback
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1202 : Bluetooth: tester: Return pre defined db offset on start server
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1736 : drivers/nble: Fix passing NULL pointer instead of conn to write() cb
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1737 : drivers/nble: Fix missing write flush() callback
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/1739 : drivers/nble: Fix status returned from on_nble_gatts_write_evt

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