spi_sam3x/cc2520 of zephyr


Hi Sir,

I find that, the spi_sam3x driver has been merged into zephyr v1.3.0.
This means that someone is maintaining or contributing to spi_sam3x driver
of arduino_due.
This is a good thing to me, because I am using arduino_due to build 6lowpan
board router with spi_sam3x and cc2520.
But after checking the driver code, I have got some depression, because it
doesn't work.

Meanwhile, I also find that, cc2520 driver is submitted, but it is never

==> spi_sam3x_transceive can not return, and result in system exception
GPIO and SPI configured
verify_osc_stabilization enter
***** BUS FAULT *****
Executing thread ID (thread): 0x20080d04
Faulting instruction address: 0x80480488
Instruction bus error
Fatal fault in essential task ! Spinning...
==> Receiving data cannot occur without transmitting data. SAM3X
[DATASHEET]->32.7.3 Master Mode Operations
==> spi internal nCS may be unusable, instead of it with gpio.
==> it is better to transmit and receive data in fiber context.


App context Interrupt context
fiber context

Configure spi
Call spi transfer
Enable spi interrupt ----> isr
| |
| v
| Disable spi interrupt
| |
| v
| Give sem ---> spi
Transmit/Receive fiber
| |
| v
Transmit data <-----
| |
| v
Receive data |
| |
| v
Disable Spi
| |
| v
device_sync_call_wait(sync) <------


==>fifop(gpio2) triggers rx processing at rising edge, sfd(gpio4)
triggers tx completion notification, should it be falling edge?
==>linux cc2520 driver is very concise and clear, why don't port it to
==>cc2520 driver defines macro "CONFIG_NETWORKING_LEGACY_RADIO_DRIVER",
if this means how to interface cc2520 to zephyr 6lowpan stack still is a
uncompleted task,
or the interface will be changed in future.

Here I greatly appreciate huge contribution from Intel colleagues.
I specially care for spi_sam3x <==> cc2520 driver <==> 6lowpan/ieee802154
<==> ipv6.
To achieve this target, Would you have any information about its, plan or

Thank you!

Best Regards
David Dai(戴卫彬)
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