Re: Structure for external libraries, HAL

Nashif, Anas

On 21 May 2016, at 10:24, Kumar Gala <kumar.gala(a)> wrote:

On May 20, 2016, at 8:03 PM, Nashif, Anas <anas.nashif(a)> wrote:

A followup to this: I just submitted a patch to exclude ext/hal from checkpatch.
The primary reason was how CI works. CI aborts if it finds any style issues and it does not complete the unit testing and other checks, so to be able to get full coverage also on external code being submitted, checkpatch will not skip files that are part of this directory.

Shouldn’t all of ext/ be excluded from checkpatch? Seems like ext/lib will have same issues.
Right, changed to ^ext/


- k

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