Re: CMSIS, ksdk and nrf52 integration

Carles Cufi

On 24/05/16 16:47, "Cufi, Carles" <Carles.Cufi(a)> wrote:

Hi Anas,

On 24/05/16 16:44, "Nashif, Anas" <anas.nashif(a)> wrote:

Hi Maureen, Carles:

In the interest of moving forward with CMSIS and related pending changes,
I am proposing the following:

- merge CMSIS+ksdk patches from Maureen
- add basic support in Kconfig and the Makefile to allow inclusion of
CMSIS headers by SoCs.
- change nrf52 port to use new location of cmsis headers. Carles, will
you be ok doing this?
Should be done now, as long as the path to the new location is provided to
the compiler. We now simply include the cmsis file directly assuming it¹s
in the include path:

#include <core_m4.h>


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