Re: CMSIS, ksdk and nrf52 integration

Kumar Gala

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Hi Anas,

On 24/05/16 16:44, "Nashif, Anas" <anas.nashif(a)> wrote:

Hi Maureen, Carles:

In the interest of moving forward with CMSIS and related pending
changes, I am proposing the following:

- merge CMSIS+ksdk patches from Maureen
- add basic support in Kconfig and the Makefile to allow inclusion of
CMSIS headers by SoCs.
- change nrf52 port to use new location of cmsis headers. Carles, will
you be ok doing this?
Of course, in fact there should not be any work at all there as long as the
INCLUDE path points to the new location in a similar format:
<cmsis/file.h>. If we decide to drop the ³cmsis² namespace then it¹s a simple
change, I will make it of course.
I was planning to update my patches to add/modify the READMEs similar to what Anas did for qmsi, change cmsis/Include to cmsis/include per the review comments, and rebase ksdk to use the new checkpatch. I'll get this out later today.
Why do we need this change if we intend to point the include path to be cmsis/Include. I don’t think we should be changing this. It should get hidden by something like:

subdir-ccflags-$(CONFIG_CMSIS) += -I$(srctree)/ext/hal/cmsis/Include/

Seems better to leave things alone as much as possible.

I assume the cmsis addition will be two commits? One for the actual import, and a second for any related Makefile/Kconfig/README bits?

- k

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