Re: [users] Reg: Tasks and scheduler

Benjamin Walsh <benjamin.walsh@...>

I have worked on FreeRTOS. Now started to use Zephyr RTOS in a project
Please help me on the following

1. Is there any function in Zephyr RTOS to start the scheduler similar
to vTaskStartScheduler(); in FreeRTOS ? or once the tasks are
mentioned in prj.mdef will the schduler starts automatically ?
The scheduler starts automatically when the kernel is done with its

Tasks put in the EXE group in the MDEF file are started automatically.
The others can be started via task_start(). Of course, you should have
at least one task in the EXE group or not much will happen.

2. How to pass some data between task1 and task2 in zephyr ?
What function calls I need to use in zephyr?
( xQueueCreate,xQueueReceive,XQueueSend are available in freeRTOS )
Is there any examples in zephyr to transfer data between 2 tasks ?

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