Re: Building Jerryscript, Zephyr and Arduino 101

Nashif, Anas

I was able to flash it on the 101, got the shell and was able to run the test..
Maybe I am missing something, but should I be able to type into JS code into the shell directly?
Every time I do this the shell hangs.

Is there some special syntax?


On 25/05/2016, 11:51, "Martinez Rodriguez, Sergio" <sergio.martinez.rodriguez(a)> wrote:

Hi there,

I am working on getting an integration with JerryScript and Zephyr for the Arduino 101 without touching any of the two build systems, similar to the other architectures and systems JS already supports.

It compiles and creates a command line javascript interpreter on the Arduino 101 hardware.

I am working on getting it to run on Qemu.

It is still a wip, but before I finish the integration and send the patch to Jerryscript, could someone have a look to it?

I have to change how I link the libraries to use since I am adding them as a toolchain lib:

"Add the variable USER_LDFLAGS to allow any application to link with
any third-party static library."

I also know we are changing how we are flashing the image, so I will have to change the documentation to accommodate that fact.

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