Re: [RFC] CoAP for Zephyr

Vinicius Costa Gomes

Hi Johan,

Johan Hedberg <johan.hedberg(a)> writes:

Hi Vinicius,

On Thu, Jun 09, 2016, Vinicius Costa Gomes wrote:
struct quapi_packet {
uint8_t *buf;
uint8_t *start;
uint16_t len;
uint16_t used;
This looks very similar to net_buf (include/net/buf.h). Since the
network stack will anyway give and take net_bufs, wouldn't it be more
efficient to just use those in this API, especially if it's going to be
specific to Zephyr?
I had some plans that this could be used in other places, but I am not
opposed to make this Zephyr specific, and use net_buf (for example) if
it means doing a better job.

What I have in mind is completing the test "suite" and samples, so all
(or most) the API is exercised, then going for these improvements.



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