Re: intent for KBUILD_ZEPHYR_APP?

Nashif, Anas

Please do not remove it, it is being used by WR Rocket and other software stacks on top of Zephyr. I have no problem removing this, but first we need an alternate solution.

The idea here is that you add a dependency in the build process which is satisfied in the application using, in the example below you basically compile libmylib.a as part of the overall build process and then link it.


On 15/06/2016, 15:46, "Kumar Gala" <kumar.gala(a)> wrote:

Not sure I get exactly what the point of KBUILD_ZEPHYR_APP based on the github you pointed at.

Are we ok with removing it for now, maybe enter a new Jira ticket with the details of what functionality is desired that KBUILD_ZEPHYR_APP was meant for.

- k

On Jun 15, 2016, at 2:20 PM, Nashif, Anas <anas.nashif(a)> wrote:


The intent was always to remove this and do integration of 3rd party modules in a cleaner way.

There are a few build system related bugs/issue that are interconnected and I think we need to solve for 1.5 ☺


On 15/06/2016, 14:56, "Kumar Gala" <kumar.gala(a)> wrote:

KBUILD_ZEPHYR_APP isn’t documented anywhere so wondering what’s it intent was and how it differs from SOURCE_DIR?

- k

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