Daily Gerrit Digest


NEW within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3282 : libc: Add assert.h to minimal libc
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3286 : net: tinydtls: Use assert.h from minimal libc
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3283 : nios2: map all sys_write* to 32-bit version
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3284 : altera_max10: enable and use 16550 UART
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3285 : drivers/nble: Fix not setting user input expected flag
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3278 : net/yaip: revert merge
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3280 : uart: qmsi: Adds device suspend/resume to uart_qmsi device
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3279 : rtc: qmsi: Adds device suspend/resume to rtc_qmsi device
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3277 : samples: drivers: gpio: add quark d2000 in testcase.ini

UPDATED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3275 : drivers/nble: Update nble_version structure
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3014 : samples: Add Quark SE power management application
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2994 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Split security changed handler for BR/EDR
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3273 : Bluetooth: Add eddystone sample
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2998 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Handle BR/EDR configuration deferred by GAP
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2997 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Introduce security requirements on CoC
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2903 : microkernel: Fix fifo buffer name generation in DEFINE_FIFO
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2915 : nios2: optionally print cause code reason
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2869 : power_mgmt: Add Deep Sleep support in sample PM app
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2876 : power_mgmt: Create arch/soc specific helper functions
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2868 : power_mgmt: Adds device suspend/resume to loapic timer
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2797 : sensor: add sensor_value_sprintf helper function
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3016 : samples: power/quark_se: Add support for Sleep states
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3161 : ext qmsi: Enable linking to qm_init.o
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3015 : x86: crt0: Remove 'je copyDataDone' from CONFIG_XIP block
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2962 : build: Make sure sysgen related header files get updated
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3276 : ext qmsi: Fix registers definition for LPSS
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3271 : build: Improve usage of the ISSM toolchain
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2841 : Scripts: Check all CONFIG_* in the code are defined into a Kconfig file
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2373 : testcases: stub for x86 core on Quark SE
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3160 : samples/usb: Fix build for usb_dfu example

MERGED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3281 : nios2: remove nios2e-zephyr
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2996 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Set BR/EDR CoC channel as connected
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2995 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Mark finishing CoC configuration on BR/EDR
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2079 : Bluetooth: L2CAP: Introduce CoC channel states
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3122 : quark_se: Correct UART_IRQ_FLAGS to IOAPIC_LEVEL
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3005 : drivers/pinmux: Change spaces by tabs in the pinmap table
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/2888 : doc: Update floating point docs for ARM
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3159 : doc: rearrange builders to fail sooner
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3157 : Bluetooth: Fix changing advertising random address when scanning
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3274 : Bluetooth: Track if active scan is being perfomed

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