Re: Porting Zephyr on 64-bits RISC-V platform

Boie, Andrew P

I think we might be interested in taking this. Can you rebase your patch series onto the Zephyr trunk and send to our Gerrit review server? What kind of testing has been done so far?

From: Sergey Khabarov [sergeykhbr(a)]
Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2016 5:56 AM
To: devel(a)
Subject: [devel] Porting Zephyr on 64-bits RISC-V platform

I've made some work on porting zephyr on RISC-V based platform.The result is available on githug:

I wonder is there any chance to merge such project taking into account the following features:
- OS is running on FPGA boards.
- Maintainer is the only person.

There's also implemented Microsoft Visual Studio arch that is used Windows API to switch fibers/tasks as cooperatively either as preemptively. But it is another question.

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