Daily Gerrit Digest


NEW within last 24 hours:

UPDATED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3016 : samples: power/quark_se: Add support for Sleep states
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3380 : gpio_qmsi: Add suspend/resume
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3012 : samples: Add suspend/resume of devices to Quark SE power sample
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3397 : build: use -Og instead of -O0 for CONFIG_DEBUG
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3377 : testcases: add automation markup to samples/

MERGED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3379 : testcases: introduce defaults to build/deploy/evaluate

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