System Design - Need feedback from developers

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Need clarifications on the system design ,
Consider the following example

1. There is a main task named Main_task
2. There are two tasks TASK_A and TASK_B .. Both these tasks are stared from the Main_task
3. Main_Task is of higher priority.. Then comes TASK_A priority and TASK_B priority
4. There is an shared Interrupt with callback function

Which of the following method best suites for Zephyr environment with RTOS scheduler ?

1. When Interrupt occurs set a flag in the Intr callback. In the Main_Task that flags are maintained and

corresponding functions in the TASK_A and TASK_B are called ..

2. Initialize a mailbox in TASK_A and a mailbox for TASK_B
. When Interrupt occurs.. put the message into the TASK_A mailbox and TASK_B mailbox
based on the message, certains functionality will be execute in TASK_A and TASK_B

Which design can be used such that RTOS schedules the tasks properly based on interrupt ?
Is both methods are same w.r.t schdueling or any difference is there ?

Please help

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