Re: uIP: bus-fault arising from use of TCP in an echo-client; reason: uip_periodic() called with a NULL buf

Jukka Rissanen

Hi Rohit,

there is a fix for this at

Please test if possible.


On Fri, 2016-08-12 at 09:49 +0000, Rohit Grover wrote:
Hello Community,

This follows from an earlier post on users@: https://lists.zephyrproj

I see a bus-fault arising from use of TCP over uIP. It seems that a
periodic invocation of uip_periodic() from net_timer_fiber [to
advance uIP's state machine] is being passed a NULL pointer.
uip_periodic() has been defined in uip.h to index into a field of the
buf, causing a bus-fault:

 * Periodic processing for a connection identified by its number.
 * This function does the necessary periodic processing (timers,
 * polling) for a uIP TCP connection, and should be called when the
 * periodic uIP timer goes off.
 * The usual way of calling the function is through a for() loop like
 * this:
 for(i = 0; i < UIP_CONNS; ++i) {
 if(uip_len > 0) {
 * \param conn The number of the connection which is to be
periodically polled.
 * \hideinitializer
#define uip_periodic(buf, conn) do { uip_set_conn(buf) =
&uip_conns[conn]; \
    uip_process(&buf, UIP_TIMER); } while (0)


uip_periodic() is getting called with a NULL 'buf' from
eventhandler() [in net/ip/contiki/ip/tcpip.c] in the case of a

Here's the call stack leading to eventhandler():
net_timer_fiber() -->  etimer_request_poll () -->
process_post_sync(&etimer_process, PROCESS_EVENT_POLL, NULL, NULL) --
... --> tcpip_process() --> eventhandler()
It can be seen from the above call-chain that process_post_sync()
always calls tcpip_process() with a NULL buf. This is incoherent with
the definition of uip_periodic(buff, conn), which indexes into the

Please note that according to the comment header above
uip_periodic(), it is meant to receive only a connection-id, but this
is inconsistent with its implementation. The implementation was last
changed by SHA d0ba82a5 by Jukka Rissanen on 07/07/2015 13:45 to add
the additional buf pointer. That commit says:

    Initial TCP support

    Initial import for some new TCP related files from Contiki.
    Fixed the compilation of imported TCP code but actual TCP
    support comes in following commits.

It seems that there is an inconsistency somewhere.
I'm able to reproduce this using a simple zephyr-based echo-client
which attempts to connect to an external echo-server. The bus fault
happens during the first connection-establishment exchanges. I
believe this should show up for any use of TCP over uIP.

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