Zephyr v1.5.0-rc2 tagged

Perez-Gonzalez, Inaky <inaky.perez-gonzalez@...>

Hello All

New RC tagged. Thank you for your contributions-we are getting closer to a release, with 48 new fixes

Please remember for rc3 to keep it only for fixes; please consider:

- If your commit can go to 1.6 (if such, please issue a topic 1.6-SOMETHING, so we can tell it apart)

- Indicate in the commit message why this is a 1.5 fix

- Keep them small!

Enjoy your weekend!

Andrei Emeltchenko (5):
usb: Add Bluetooth class codes definitions
usb: Fix incorrect macro assignment
usb: Fix compile error with debug enabled
usb: Add error log to help debugging
Bluetooth: trivial: Remove extra line

Andrew Boie (8):
Revert "ext: qmsi: disable tx empty interrupt at the end of rx transfer"
Revert "ext qmsi: Update to QMSI 1.1.0 release"
em9d: em11d: fix broken build
sanitycheck: arc.ini: add em_starterkit to sanity runs
arc: em11d: em9d: set SPI_DW_IRQ_FLAGS
samples: test_15_4: fix build warning
uart.h: fix path to PCI headers
samples: ipm_demo: build for sanitycheck runs

Andy Ross (2):
tests/kernel/{test_task,test_sleep}: Less aggressive timer testing
test_sleep: More latency workarounds

Baohong Liu (5):
drivers: spi: Update comment for spi config parameter
drivers: adc: Correct an error in Kconfig
ext: qmsi: disable tx empty interrupt at the end of rx transfer
drivers: i2c: Fix i2c failure on multiple slaves
ext: qmsi: disable tx empty interrupt at the end of rx transfer

Bogdan Davidoaia (1):
sensor: hmc5883l: fix data sample axis order

Evan Couzens (1):
doc: Terminology--Replace 'platform' with 'board'

Flavio Santes (5):
crypto/tinycrypt: Update README file
mqtt: fix: pinreq handler function exit condition
mqtt: fix: Eliminate redundant lines by using a common exit point
mqtt: fix: Remove ping function call
samples/net: Update README file w.r.t compiler warnings

Genaro Saucedo Tejada (1):
sanity: non utf-8 characters are tolerated

Inaky Perez-Gonzalez (1):
samples/net/loopback_test: fix testcase markup

Jaakko Hannikainen (2):
net: contiki: Fix timer callback condition
net: Add NULL check to eventhandler

Javier B Perez (1):
checkpatch: add ignore for net/ip/contiki directory

Johan Hedberg (1):
mailmap: Fix broken author information for Evan Couzens

Juan Manuel Cruz (1):
event logger: reduce sample application's RAM footprint

Kumar Gala (1):
arm: Add support for both floating point ABIs

Kuo-Lang Tseng (2):
ext qmsi: Update to QMSI 1.1.0 release
ext qmsi: Update to QMSI 1.1.0 release

Leyi Rong (2):
net: net_context: Fix local ipv4 addr compare with INADDR_ANY
net: uip: Fix uip_udp_conns traverse loop in uip_process

Ravi kumar Veeramally (2):
net: samples: Fix RFC3849 address config option.
net: samples: Fix Rx buffers count.

Szymon Janc (7):
Bluetooth: tester: Fix extra new lines
Bluetooth: tester: Use SYS_LOG_ERR instead of printk
Bluetooth: SMP: Fix non-ASCII characters in comments
Revert "Bluetooth: SMP: Workaround LE SC bug in iOS"
Bluetooth: Remove redundant ifdefs from keys.h
Bluetooth: Remove not needed BT_KEYS_BR_LEGACY flag
Bluetooth: Fix typos in code comments

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