BLE Link Layer

Carles Cufi

Hi all,

We have just posted an initial port of Vinayak Chettimada's BLE Link Layer implementation (internally known as Phoenix) to Gerrit.

This is currently functional on nRF5x devices (nRF52 only since the Cortex-M0 based nRF51 lacks Zephyr support for now) and implements most of the Bluetooth 4.2 specification. By posting those patches we hope to get feedback from the community and progress towards integrating the Link Layer code more tightly into the Zephyr core services and infrastructure.

Please note that this is *not* the Nordic official Link Layer implementation shipping with our SDKs, but rather one written from scratch by Vinayak. This means that, although it passes most conformance tests, it has not gone through qualification.

The patches allow an nRF52-based board running Zephyr to act as a standalone BLE SoC, running Zephyr applications using BLE on a single chip.



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