Re: QEMU networking: CONFIG_NET_TESTING breaks things, echo_server IPv6 address is "wrong"

Paul Sokolovsky

On Wed, 17 Aug 2016 20:19:06 -0000
"Flavio Santes" <flavio.santes(a)> wrote:



Taking a chance, I'd like to start with drawing attention to "docs:
Subsystems/Networking section is almost empty". Zephyr networking
See also

information currently is sparse, disperse, bits are out of date, and
there're omissions/inconsistencies. Just linking a wiki landing
page from the official docs and letting community fill in that wiki
would be a good first step.

Anyway, waiting for real hardware support, I decided to give QEMU
networking a try. After some moderate googling, I arrived at;a=summary
and . The
initial outcome: nothing works.
There is support for real hardware, see:;a=blob;f=samples/net/dns_client/prj_galileo.conf

There is also a driver for enc28j60, see:
Yes, thanks, I meant for Ethernet support in FRDM-K64F which I have on
my hands now.


The obvious question is what to do in this situation. I'm personally
keen to update to
describe a setup which actually works now (this is mostly doing
steps in the right order, but also building with
I've made first pass of changes to , ordering
connection bring up steps properly and adding a bit more info here and
there. Going to look into CONFIG_NET_TESTING in more detail before
adding suggestion to disable it in the wiki.

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