Re: having trouble getting the echo client to work using TCP/uIP on K64F

Rohit Grover

Hello Community,

In my attempts to get a TCP stream to flow in and out of a K64F, I've had to make a few changes to core of the uIP port:
I now have some success in getting data to flow continuously, nevertheless I haven't fixed all issues and I'm not sure my changes take all possible cases into account.
These changes have had to do with errors in how uIP handles outbound packets.
I'm not an expert in IP stacks, and in one particular case,, I've not been able to provide a fix--my patch simply raises a certain retry-limit and results in the expected behaviour.

I would appreciate assistance from people who may have authored the port of uIP to Zephyr. It seems to me that these issues should have surfaced for any application attempting to setup a TCP/IPv4 stream over uIP; it is a surprise that these have gone undetected so far.


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> From: Rohit Grover
> Sent: 22 August 2016 15:58
> To: devel(a)
> Cc: Jukka Rissanen; 'Paul Sokolovsky'
> Subject: having trouble getting the echo client to work using TCP/uIP on K64F
> Hello Community,
> I've still not been able to get a TCP stream going over uIP using the echo-
> client sample.
> I've unearthed problems along the way (including data-integrity issues in
> Zephyr's port of uIP; refer to )
> which suggest that this kind of thing isn't actively tested. With my recent
> changes, I manage to get the first packet bounce back successfully to the
> echo-client. Successive packets aren't getting processed on their way out
> from the client.

> rohit
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