Re: addendum to unified kernel RFC: getting rid of MDEF files.

Benjamin Walsh <benjamin.walsh@...>

On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 09:01:19AM -0700, Andy Ross wrote:
Benjamin Walsh wrote:
Small addendum to the unified kernel RFC: we'd like to take out the
support for MDEF files, and thus sysgen in the unified kernel. It will
be kept for legacy reasons until the legacy veneer is removed.

Any objections ?
None whatsoever. As someone just now coming up to speed on Zephyr for
the first time, this syntax was among the stranger and more alien
things I stumbled on.
Zephyr is spawned from an older RTOS that was meant to be used on a
network of processors working as one processor. The MDEF file was where
you would define on which processor the objects would live. The build
system had to know all the topology when the application was built.
Also, the distribution was in binary (not source), so this file was the
way to bring in submodules and their objects and application-specific
objects. It's a relic of that time, so that's why we propose getting rid
of it.

(And I'll be perfectly honest that I still haven't dug out what that
"groups" field is supposed to mean).
Task groups ? Like EXE ?

The EXE group contains the tasks that are executed when the system
starts. There is also a SYS group for system tasks, but it's not really
used anymore. Then the application can define its own groups, if it
wants to a operate on a set of tasks all at once, like suspending them
and (re)starting them.

Static data belongs in C files.

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