Re: having trouble getting the echo client to work using TCP/uIP on K64F

Paul Sokolovsky

On Fri, 26 Aug 2016 01:07:29 +0300
Paul Sokolovsky <Paul.Sokolovsky(a)> wrote:

Some more info: Issues with IPv4/TCP can be seen building echo_server
with microkernel - making a TCP connection in this case hard locks-up
QEMU VM, not even pings work. Nothing special in the logging. However
with nanokernel, everything works, and send (reply) path doesn't
involve net_tx_fiber:

Received packet 0x0010a4d0 len 7
receive: tcp received 7 bytes data
net: tcp_prepare_and_send (0010d27c): Packet output len 47
net: net_driver_slip_send (0010d27c): Sending 47 bytes, application data 7 bytes

On Mon, 22 Aug 2016 14:58:11 +0000
Rohit Grover <Rohit.Grover(a)> wrote:

With my recent changes, I
manage to get the first packet bounce back successfully to the
echo-client. Successive packets aren't getting processed on their
way out from the client.
I'm happy to report that I now see this too. Specifically, if using
net_context_get()+net_send() (implicit connection establishment), data
in first net_send() gets delivered (I see it in netcat), but not in
subsequent calls to net_send().

I'm however interested to emulate standard socket API paradigm, where
you get all the standard and important calls like connect(), listen(),
etc. For this, I explicitly call
net_context_tcp_init(ctx, NULL, NET_TCP_TYPE_CLIENT) to emulate
connect(). As netbuf is NULL in this call, only SYN/ACK handshake
happens (with retries, just as you describe), and then first call
net_send() doesn't send anything on wire. With logging it looks like:

s.connect(("", 8083))
net: net_driver_slip_send (001349e0): Sending 40 bytes, application
data 0 bytes net: net_rx_fiber (001363e0): Received buf 0012c600
net: net_rx_fiber (001363e0): Received buf 0012d0f0
net: net_rx_fiber (001363e0): Received buf 0012b598
net: net_driver_slip_send (001363e0): Sending 40 bytes, application
data 0 bytes

s.send("GET / HTTP/1.0\r\n")
net: net_send (001349e0): context 0012dfa0 buf 00129a38 status 0
net: net_tx_fiber (00135fe0): Sending (buf 00129a38, len 56) to IP
stack 0
So, the difference is clear: SYN/ACK stuff goes to
net_driver_slip_send(), but real app data get stuck in net_tx_fiber().

I apply all your 3 patches, and they don't help.

I find that uip_process() isn't getting called on successive
packets. It gets called for the first packet due to some
retransmission timer. The recently made change to eventhandler() in
tcpip.c ( makes things
worse because the code meant to refresh certain periodic timers gets

These issues seem to arise from uIP. I would appreciate some help
from people who ported uIP to zephyr. I believe the problems will
surface if someone tries a TCP/IPV4 stream.


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