Re: Porting to Cortex-M0+

Euan Mutch <euan.mutch@...>

So the best way forward is to add the device headers to /hal/asf and change sam3 to the family/series hierarchy?

There are some really weird things going on with the Atmel drivers, especially some of the really horrible macros they use. Took me a full day just to decipher the clock init code.

Quick (newbie) question:
I have currently added just the M0+ specific bits of asf, but I can't get it to link properly and so get "undefined reference to 'system_init'" when I try to use it. It is really hard to figure out how to do certain things in zephyr such as adding external stuff... Although that could just be because I have never worked on something like this before.
I don't understand how the other HALs work since they also have drivers in them, I have exactly the same setup as those. Which seems to just be including the files and never building anything?

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