Re: having trouble getting the echo client to work using TCP/uIP on K64F

Paul Sokolovsky


On Thu, 01 Sep 2016 11:11:15 +0300
Jukka Rissanen <jukka.rissanen(a)> wrote:


Still, that commit was made in;a=commitdiff;h
=61edc68c9ecf221d18acc8037d541f5d79eee3c7 ,
with description 
"net: tcp: Supporting TCP client functionality when using IPv6". I
don't know if something in IPv6 warrants changes to tcpip_poll_tcp()
done in that commit, I guess only Jukka can tell. But the issue in
Unfortunately I do not remember why I changed tcpip_poll_tcp(), the
uIP code (and especially TCP support) is very cryptic and difficult to
follow. One basically needs to run the stack and see how it behaves.
I see. It seems that one of the biggest changes done was to convert
single static packet buffer design on uIP to support multiple buffers.
Ironically, that's what another Contiki-originated IP stack (or at
least IP stack from the same author, Adam Dunkels) - lwIP - does. It
supports multiple in-flight packet buffers, clearer API, better
performance. I wonder if using it might have been better choice for
Zephyr. All the above comes at the expense of doubling (or more) of
code size, so maybe not still.

Anyway, with Z's own new IP stack in progress, that's more of
speculation, I guess focus should be on stabilizing current uIP based
implementation, until the new stack reaches needed functionality level.

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