Re: Porting to Cortex-M0+

Piotr Mienkowski <Piotr.Mienkowski@...>

Hi Maureen,

Another member of the TSC will follow up with Atmel.
Thanks, I will wait for the green light. My Atmel SAM E70 port works well in my local workarea, I have everything necessary for initial support apart from UART driver. There are still a few minor implementation details I'll have to discuss but I'll do it later in a separate thread when I know I am supposed to work on it.

I have one more question to the design flow I could not find a clear answer in the wiki to. As I have mentioned I would like to add support for Atmel SAM E70 chipset, I've already opened a Jira issue. I expect that now before doing the actual job and especially before trying to push anything to Gerrit I need to wait until the task is officially accepted and assigned to me, isn't it?


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