How to handle a board with a dozen SoC's?

Jon Medhurst (Tixy) <tixy@...>


I'm trying to add Zephyr support for a board [1] where the 'SoC' is an
FPGA that can be programmed with a dozen different CPU types and varying
support IP, and I'm wondering how to organise this.


It seems to me that 'BOARD' is what the build system expects to use to
specify the thing to build, but adding a dozen new boards under /boards
(one for each 'SoC') doesn't seem the right way to go - and I would then
need somewhere to put the common code for the physical board.

I'm going to be in a similar situation for creating my dozen or so SoC's
but I believe that the build system may be a bit more flexible in that
situation, with SOC_FAMILY and SOC_SERIES.

As well as the hardware board there is a host of software simulations
[2] for similar but differing configurations as the hardware. I don't
believe that adds any extra complexity though, apart from the number of
ever expanding versions and them not being definitively identified by
name or number. Oh joy...


Thanks for any advice.


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