Re: Increasing bss section in Zephyr

Gustavo Lima Chaves <gustavo.lima.chaves@...>

* Mahendravarman Rajarao (RBEI/EAA3) <Mahendravarman.Rajarao(a)> [2016-09-05 18:27:04 +0000]:

Hi All

How to Increase the .bss section in Zephyr ?

There is a requirement for my project to have a big size array for 15K
If I declare and compile , getting error as

.bss will not fit in region RAM
Region 'RAM' overflowed by 20160 bytes

Any help on this regard is welcome !!

Have you taken a look at CONFIG_RAM_SIZE and friends? Last time I
dealt with it these were the options I changed.


Gustavo Lima Chaves
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