Re: Increasing bss section in Zephyr

Andy Ross

Mahendravarman Rajarao (RBEI/EAA3) wrote:
If The CONFIG_RAM_SIZE - denotes the internal RAM of controller means,
Iam using Atlas peak controller of 80KB SRAM. Even If I declare
CONFIG_RAM_SIZE = 85 in prj.conf file in my project Zephyr.bin is
getting generated
That just means there's no per-SoC checking of linker memory regions.
Clearly there should be, but obviously that doesn't mean that such a
file is going to execute successfully.

You can check how these are used in arch/x86/soc/quark_se/linker.ld if
you're curious. The linker just emits the sections in the RAM memory
region at CONFIG_PHYS_RAM_ADDR and assumes it can use up to


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