bufs lost in TCP connection establishment

Rohit Grover

Jukka, Paul,

I find that uIP leaks one TX buf with every TCP connection due to incorrectly managed ref-counts. I'm able to setup and teardown the same number of connections as the value of CONFIG_IP_BUF_TX_SIZE.

The initial buf for the SYN packet gets its ref-count bumped to 2 (by tcpip_poll_tcp()), but then this count never goes down to 0.
It seems to me that when the tcpip_event is posted to process_thread_tcp() upon the sending of the SYN buf, the following code fragment

if (buf && uip_connected(buf)) {
struct net_context *context = user_data;
NET_DBG("Connection established context %p\n",
context->connection_status = -EALREADY;
goto try_send;

is able is able to discover the transition to connected state, and cycles back to call handle_tcp_connection(); but the ref-count of SYN buf isn't decremented.

Can you help?


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