Re: Namespacing of Zephyr headers and API

Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Tomasz,

On Mon, 3 Apr 2017 11:37:18 +0200
Tomasz Bursztyka <> wrote:

Hi Paul,


This matter already came up in patch reviews and during BSD Sockets
discussion, and I think it's worth to have a dedicated discussion on
it. So, currently there're 2 problems:

1. Zephyr header files aren't namespaced in any special matter, and
may conflict with headers of 3rd-party components with which a
Zephyr application may integrate.
It could be solved by having 'include/zephyr' as a directory where to
find zephyr's specific headers
#include <zephyr/...> is imo preferable than having a prefix on all
zephyr headers.
Yes, sure, that's what I meant too, a directory prefix, not a filename
prefix, sorry if it sounded like that.

2. About the same is true for Zephyr API calls either. At least
there subsystem prefixes, like "net_" for network subsys, "sensor_"
for sensor subsys. But there're still no namespacing for Zephyr API
as a whole.
What do you mean as a whole? Like same unique prefix for all
Yes, like each and every Zephyr function to start with a common string
prefix. But as I mentioned, I couldn't think of a perfect prefix
myself. E.g. "zephyr_" is too long, "z_" is perhaps too short and
unclear (I wonder what ZFS uses as a prefix for example). "zep_" might
be the right length, but maybe not the best abbreviation (well, we use
it in Jira, but that's Jira ;-) ).


Best Regards,
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