Porting to ARM M0, M0+

Phil Keating <pkeating@...>

Good morning,
I'm new to the Zephyr project, as well as open source in general, and noticed another thread regarding a port to the ARM M0+ processor. I didn't want to piggy back on that thread as my question(s) are more general regarding porting Zephyr from one ARM core (M3/M4) to another (M0/M0+).
I'm looking for a set of guidelines as I've tried mucking up the 1.4.0 tree to get an M0 SOC/board building and keep tripping over the GNU tools claiming my "processor" either doesn't support THUMB instructions at all, or specific THUMB instructions (depending on whether I define CONFIG_ISA_THUMB or CONFIG_ISA_THUMB2).
I noticed a JIRA entry requesting documentation for new SOC/Board porting.
Any pointers, help, etc would be appreciated. For example, since someone is already working on an M0+ port, would that become part of the Zephyr code base?
Thanks in advance,
Phil Keating

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