Re: Galileo Gen 1 GPIO

Tomasz Bursztyka

Hi Fábio,

Unfortunately, we do not support Galileo v1 pinmuxing, thus: the whole
board is basically unusable at this stage.
You won't be able to get very far unless you provide the cypress chip

Can you use another board? We support quite a few (see boards directory
in zephyr's tree)



Dear Sirs,
I am using Galileo Gen 1 (Cypress I/O expander) and I can not change the GPIO levels.
What GPIO driver should I set in menuconfig tool (DesignWare, PCAL9535, MMIO, Intel SCH)?
What driver name and pin numbers should I use in functions API (gpio_pin_configure, gpio_pin_write, ....)?
Thank you very much.

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