Re: zoap architecture question...

Vinicius Costa Gomes


Marcus Shawcroft <marcus.shawcroft(a)> writes:


Neither the sample/zoap-server application nor the zoap implementation
itself appear to handle the generation of RST messages in response to
message format errors in an initial CON message (or did I miss
something?). Is the intention that the logic to generate such RST
messages will live within the zoap layer or is it intended to be
handled by the layer above?
The plan is that the error handling would live in the layer above. So
yeah, the zoap-server sample right now is lacking in the invalid
messages handling department.

What I see that could be done in the zoap layer is to add a few helper
functions for building the most common types of messages, including

But I am waiting for some real usage before adding this.


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