Re: RFC: Extension to External Interrupt API

Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa

Hi Andrew,

If we expect to support additional interrupt controllers on ARM, it may
be worthwhile to implement a similar interface for ARM.

I suspect there are simpler approaches, I would really look into having
your ISR pend a fiber to do the bottom half work. In another mail Andy
gave some more detail.

I am addressing two of styles in my code:
1. bottom-halves for ISR.
2. atomic access to peripheral only in its ISR.

For example, oscillator calibration, which is something an application can start/stop while another timer internal to clock peripheral too would do periodically/automatically. To solve race-conditions, application would just pend the clock IRQ (just like an internally timer would), the ISR being single context operating on the peripheral mitigates any race-condition and reduces latencies on ISR triggered by internal timer.

Yes, I will give a try on using fiber for both. Only issue I see is, I need to allocate program stack for each independently fibers, where as an ISR or bottom-half would share the ISR program stack.


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