Re: RFC: Extension to External Interrupt API

Chettimada, Vinayak Kariappa

Hi Andrew,

I think at this point we could consider ARM's behavior of clearing
pending interrupts on irq_enable() a bug and we should change it,
making irq_enable_keep() unnecessary. Does this sound good to everyone?

Good with me. I will update the irq_enable_keep change to the original fix of irq_enable.
This means, I can abandon the irq_pending_clear as well, as this is interrupt_controller domain (I created this patch on request, for the missing clear in the _keep interface).

Summary so far:
1. Fix irq_enable (irq_enable_keep has been "-1"-ed).
2. Add the irq_is_enabled in irq.h (already "+2"-ed).

Consensus required on:
1. Drop the irq_pending_set/clear, as this is interrupt_controller domain/model.

Action to myself:
1. Try out fibers where ever feasible as bottom-halves (atleast in BLE controller design)
2. Analyse if fibers makes sense as peripheral IRQ offloading, latency, and RAM usage.


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