Data to send linux host from Zephyr app

Giribabu Gogineni <giribabu02061983@...>

Hi Dev team,

Currently i am working one POC.

Requirement is to send the raw data from zephyr app using qemu which
convert UDP and other linux host side application listening on same UDP
port to receive the data.

Steps followed :
1. Using /samples/drivers/uart/ application, compiling for QEMU.
2. To send the data from serial to UDP, mentioned the below configuration
in make file and running the app.
QEMU_EXTRA_FLAGS += -serial udp::4555

3. Other linux host side we are listening on netcat [ #nc -u -l -p 4555 ]

But the issue i am facing the data is not received from linux host side.

Could please suggest, if any step i am missing in this process.
Is there any other way, i can achieve the requirement.

Thanks in advance.


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