Re: BSD Sockets like API: prototyping report #2

Paul Sokolovsky

On Mon, 3 Apr 2017 18:55:36 +0300
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2. send() was easy, but only superficially. At BUD17 min-summit,
Tomasz told few times that current issue of Zephyr buffer management
is that it mixes low-level data chunking (into net_buf's) with
network-level chunking of user data into MTU units. I wasn't sure I
understand that, but now I see the issue very well. Actually, I don't
see where MTU chunking happens at all. As far as I can see,
net_nbuf_append(), passed 10K of data, will happily create a network
packet with so many fragments (as long as it'll get that many
fragments), but what force will send out such a monster?
Confirmed to be a known issue, as there was no dedicated ticket, I


4. Back to recv(), not everything is happy either. I don't see how my
socket implementation could affect TCP flow control, and that needs to
be done by sockets (and not existing push-style IP stack) to avoid
being DoSed with too much packets. I'd take lwIP's solution of
letting the application to advance TCP receive window as a proven
one, and on which MicroPython's lwIP socket module is based.
Confirmed, ticketed as
Neither there's a send window handling, ticketed as


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