Re: Cleaning up drivers/ethernet Kconfig files

Marcus Shawcroft <marcus.shawcroft@...>

On 13 October 2016 at 07:30, Tomasz Bursztyka
<tomasz.bursztyka(a)> wrote:
Hi Piotr,

I've created Ethernet driver for Atmel SAM board I'm working with, however
integrating it cleanly with Zephyr is a bit tricky. I believe Kconfig files
in drivers/ethernet directory need cleaning up.

Things are mixed up between net/ip/Kconfig and driver part.

I have a patch in my stack that essentially makes the refactor
proposed. I've refrained from upstreaming it on the assumption that
yaip is coming and un-necessary churn around the ethernet driver
configuration right now will just create pain for the net branch when
rebasing. However I'm happy to clean it up and push it up to gerrit
if folks want to see it...

You might want to take a look at net branch of Zephyr. (and port your driver
for it)
Such change will make sense there where we have NET_L2_ETHERNET in
and ETHERNET in drivers/ethernet/Kconfig

(note: yaip name will disappear once the branch will be merged)
Whats the expected timeline on a yaip->master merge? I'm not asking
for commitments here, just interested in best guess / aspiration ?


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