Re: PCI enumeration and IRQ_CONNECT ?

Boie, Andrew P

On Mon, 2016-10-17 at 11:41 -0400, Dmitriy Korovkin wrote:
Yes but this is not typical of the sort of boards we are targeting.
Galileo is a board that can run Linux. It is not an interesting target for
Zephyr. It is being used for Zephyr for reasons which are largely historical
due to convenience/availability at the time the bring-up is done. The sort
MCUs that a lightweight OS like Zephyr targets are not going to have hot-
pluggable PCI busses.
Then it comes to a question if Zephyr OS should drop the Galileo bards 
I've raised this with Anas a few times. He can comment here, but my
understanding is that there are still a bunch of people still doing work or
demoing things with Galileo since they were cheap and easy to get ahold of. I
would like to see Galileo removed from the tree as well.


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