Zephyr 1.6 plans

Nashif, Anas

We are one week away from the planned 1.6-rc1 release.
Please make sure you have submitted all new features and bug fixes into Gerrit by now and take into consideration the time needed for review.

1.6-rc1 will be created on a release branch, meaning that master will continue to be open and all changes targeting 1.6 will have to submitted to the release branch.

After the rc1 release only the following changes will be accepted into master:
- bug fixes for P1 and P2 bugs
- Documentation and unit testing changes

New features tracked in JIRA stories will have to wait for the opening of the merge window at the end of the month. Some bug fixes, small enhancements and self-contained features can be submitted and merged into master to allow development to continue on subsystem branches.

Note that submitting changes to any branch or release is always possible and is encouraged to get enough reviews, however, merging might be delayed.

Please use this time until the merge window closes to peer review patches currently in the queue. Reviewing is open to anyone who has a LF foundation account. You can review and add comments to any change in gerrit.

Some details on the development model and some of the guidelines we have been following:



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