Daily Gerrit Digest


NEW within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7014 : tests: update sanitycheck footprint baseline
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7010 : net: Add IPv4 ping support to net shell
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7003 : net: ipv4: Add utils to create IPv4 network packet
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7008 : net: Fix net_addr_pton() IPv4 address parsing
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7005 : net: Add util to check if IPv4 address is unspecified
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7006 : net: Add util to send IPv4 ICMP Echo Request packet
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7009 : net: Add IPv4 address string max length
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7004 : net: Add util to check if IPv4 address is a loopback one
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7007 : net: Check loopback and unspecified address in sending

UPDATED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6935 : samples/zoap_server: Using unified kernel API
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6934 : samples/zoap_client: Using unified kernel API
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6645 : Bluetooth: Controller: Add HCI Reset Command
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6972 : net: Remove Kconfig option for new IP stack
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6971 : net: Moved net/ to subsys/net
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6973 : tests: net: Change the tag of network tests to net
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6976 : net: shell: Fix hostname parsing for ping command
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6399 : tests/drivers/pci_enum: move to ztest and run in HW when possible
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6585 : tests/drivers/adc: move to ztest to actually test

MERGED within last 24 hours:
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7013 : kernel: remove nano and micro default configs
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7012 : kernel: Add helpers for converting durations into milliseconds
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/7011 : kernel: event_logger: fixed assert checking for priority
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6986 : kernel: fix mailbox usage of SYS_DLIST_FOR_EACH_NODE()
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6985 : Bluetooth: Fix left-over usage of TICKS_NONE and TICKS_UNLIMITED
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6980 : drivers: gpio_sch: use unified kernel APIS
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6981 : drivers: sensor: use unified timer struct name in header
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6982 : drivers: update ipm driver to use unified kernel
- https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/6984 : samples: ipm: convert sample to use unified APIs

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