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Rodriguez, Sergio SF <sergio.sf.rodriguez@...>

Hi all,

One of the points was that the crypto algorithms and cyphers of mbedTLS cover the ones required for secure connection protocols (e.g. Thread). The mbedTLS library is more oriented to use by secure connection protocols (TLS, DTLS) and cryptography is not only its main usage.

TinyCrypt provides a minimal set of standard cryptography primitives and does not have TLS/DTLS support.

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Adding the various maintainers CC...

Your thoughts/views on this would be much appreciated...

On 30 November 2016 at 11:27, Marcus Shawcroft
<marcus.shawcroft(a)> wrote:

We have two crypto libraries in /ext, tinycrypt and mbedtls. Can
someone help me understand:
- What is the plan / strategy here, are we moving the code base from
one to the other.
- Do we expect both to coexist in the tree long term.
- Where there are overlaps in features/capability are we intending to
prefer one implementation over the other.



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