Critical bug in Cortex-M0 port found a fixed

Carles Cufi

Hi there,

During our debugging of the BLE Controller having issues with interrupt latency we found a critical bug in the Cortex-M0 port that we have addressed. The code to set and get the IRQ and exception priorities was written for ARMv7-m, and did not work at all on ARMv6-M processors like the M0.
This means that on master all interrupts and exceptions are running at the highest priority (0) on Cortex-M0.

Since 1.6 shippped with this issue I have tagged the patches as 1.6.1 for a future maintenance release.

The Jira issue with links to the relevant patches can be found here:

Note: Johan has force pushed those patches to the Bluetooth branch to allow us to have a functional BLE Controller until the kernel maintainers are back from the Christmas break.



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